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09 Desember 2022

HRTA IJ - MNCS Initiate Report December 9, 2022

Discovering Hidden Treasure

Key Takeaways:

• PT Hartadinata Abadi Tbk (HRTA IJ) is a well-known gold jeweler in Indonesia engaged in integrated manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, and refining gold jewelry.

• The company plans to increase the contribution of pure gold (EmasKITA and Kencana) sales to 56% to total revenue in FY23F.

• HRTA conducts partnerships with several businesses, including: 1) Aneka Tambang (ANTM) to produce micro and gold bar and fine-gold jewelry products; 2) financial institutions; 3) ~1300 Alfamart retailers (AMRT) and PT Pos Indonesia to attract mid-low segment consumers, offering a pawn business. 

• HRTA also plans to open 125 new outlets across Indonesia in FY25F and launch an e-commerce platform and digital application to facilitate the transactions of EmasKITA and Kencana by the end of this year.

• 4 macro factors limiting downside risk of gold: 1) lower oil production; 2) failure of crypto assets; 3) slump economic growth; 4) monetary policy uncertainty.

• The company has recorded a strong revenue growth trend with CAGR (2017–2021) of 20.5% p.a, while net profit surged with CAGR (2017–2021) of 15.2%.

• We recommend BUY for HRTA IJ with a target price of IDR530, which implies PE 3.2x/3.1x and PBV 0.5x/0.4x on FY23E/FY24F.

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