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24 November 2020

INVESTMENT OUTLOOK 2021 - Recovery Story after The Big Reset

Covid-19 Pandemics, recession, US elections and other issues are causing a Big Reset and the implications to Indonesia which are:

1) Favorable Outcome of US Election but not a Blue Wave Scenario;

2) Flatening COVID-19 case in for EM, better than 3rd Wave in Developed Countries;

3) Omnibus Law as the big reset of the new beginning era for Indonesia;

4) Recovery Expectation on leading indicators of Indonesia Economy ;

5) Potential Inflow from foreigner and switching from bond market;

6) Lucrative Valuation for JCI, traded below regional peers and mean PE 5 years;

Therefore MNCS has prepared a Strategy Guidance for investments in 2021 in which MNCS has set the JCI Index for 2021 at 6,320 for the base scenario as well as 12 Top Preffered Stocks.

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