Company Update

29 Desember 2022

Consumer Sector Update December 29, 2022

Poised to Enjoy FY23 Key Takeaways:• Despite higher inflation, we believe consumer sectors should remain resilient through the rest of the year,...

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28 Desember 2022

Coal Sector Update December 27, 2022

Bullish in the Short-Term, Cautious in the Long-TermKey Takeaways:• We foresee that global coal demand will be primarily driven by China, India,...

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23 Desember 2022

Oil & Gas Sector Update December 23, 2022

Exploring Resources beneath the Archipelago Key Takeaways:• With the easing of China’s zero-covid policy and OPEC+ production cut by 2...

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22 Desember 2022

Automotive Sector Update December 16, 2022

Welcoming Indonesia’s EV Incentives Plan Key Takeaways:• The government plans to finalize its subsidy schemes amounting ~IDR8mn (~USD515)...

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16 Desember 2022

Construction Sector Update December 16, 2022

Indecisiveness as Risks Come Back Into Focus Key Takeaways:• Construction sector is one of the sectors that has been moving quiet slowly...

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12 Desember 2022

Banking Sector Update December 12, 2022

Lean on Lagging Giant Key Takeaways:• IDX Finance has underperformed JCI despite large cap banks share price significant appreciation, this was...

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09 Desember 2022

HRTA IJ - MNCS Initiate Report December 9, 2022

Discovering Hidden Treasure Key Takeaways: • PT Hartadinata Abadi Tbk (HRTA IJ) is a well-known gold jeweler in Indonesia engaged in...

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06 Desember 2022

Retail Sector Update December 6, 2022

Cautiously Optimistic Onward Key Takeaways:• Retail companies in our coverages have been showing recoveries. In 9M22, the aggregate revenue and...

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02 Desember 2022

Telecommunication Sector Update December 2, 2022

One Giant Leap for Connectivity Key Takeaways• Several operators have spent majority of their FY22E capex for the development of FMC, such...

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01 Desember 2022

Cement Sector Update December 1, 2022

Don’t Sweat Small Stuff Key Takeaways• In our view, the cement sector has potential to perform better in FY23F. This was driven from:...

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