Company Update

27 Mei 2019

JPFA - MNC Sekuritas Equity Report - BUY 270519

MNCS Company Update-PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk (JPFA) Normalizing Result, Expect for Better Demand on 2Q19 1Q19 Performance: Higher Cost...

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27 Mei 2019

Consumer Sector Update – Overweight Moving with the Momentum

Consumer Sector Update – OverweightMoving with the Momentum! Consumption still Shows Positive Growth Household Spending grew by 5.01% YoY,...

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26 April 2019

PT Arwana Citramulia Tbk ARNA - 220419

PT Arwana Citramulia Tbk (ARNA) - BUY; TP: IDR630 1Q19 Results: UNO Portion has Significantly Improved Solid Top-line Driven by Strong Growth of...

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30 November 2018

PT Astra International Tbk ASII - 29112018

Struggling to Swim   UNTR as Performance DriverASII booked revenue IDR174.88 trillion or grew by 16.41% YoY during 9M18. Meanwhile,net income...

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22 November 2018

PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk ICBP - 21112018

Rise Up, Champion !   9M18 Solid Top-Line driven by Noodles and Dairy Segment ICBP recorded 9M18 top-line growth of 7.47% YoY to IDR29.47 tn...

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16 November 2018

PT Hartadinata Abadi Tbk HRTA -16.11.2018

Dare to Sparkle!   9M18 Results: Stronger Top-Line, in line with MNCS Estimate HRTA displayed satisfactory performance in 9M18, with a 15.26%...

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15 November 2018


Fighting the Waves   3Q18 Highlight: Continuing to Grow,but more Slowly WSBP recorded top-line growth of 8.53% YoY to IDR5.43 tn in 9M18 (vs...

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07 November 2018

PT Buyung Poetra Sembada Tbk HOKI - 07112018

Optimizing Strength For Outstanding Performance   9M18 Results: Solid Performance with Bottom-Line Increased by 95.06% YoY HOKI managed to...

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06 November 2018

PT Adaro Energy Tbk ADRO - 06112018

Glowing with Electricity   Better 3Q18 Financial Result Driven by Good Weather ADRO posted revenue growth of 9.35% YoY and 18.77% QoQ to...

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05 November 2018

PT Bank Tabungan Negara Persero Tbk BBTN - 05112018

Small House is Booming   IFRS 9 AnticipationDuring 9M18, BBTN booked net profit of IDR2,24 trillion or grew by 11.51% YoY, whichwas driven by...

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