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02 Februari 2021

Sectoral Scope Wave - Metal Mining

Jakarta Mining Sector Technical Analysis  Top Picks: ANTM, HRUM, INCO, MDKA, PSAB, UNTR Disclaimer...

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28 Januari 2021

Plantation Sector Update 28 January 2021

PLANTATION SECTOR UPDATE   Surfing the Storm   Bad Weather, Good Price CPO might seem to be declining earlier this year reaching...

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26 Januari 2021

Banking Sector Update 26 January 2021

BANKING SECTOR UPDATES   A Gradual Recovery: Indo Banks will regain its stride in 2021   FY20E performance may have broadly bottomed...

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21 Januari 2021

Construction Sector Update 21 January 2021

CONSTRUCTION SECTOR UPDATE   In the Sweet Spot   New Contract Target Revised Down during Covid-19  The realization of new...

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18 Januari 2021

Metal Mining Sector Update 18 January 2021

METAL MINING SECTOR UPDATE   Riding the Blue Wave   Gold is Still Precious, But Nickel Starts to Outshone it  Gold might be the...

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18 Januari 2021

MNCS Investment Strategy 18 January 2021

Recovery Story After the Big Reset Investment Highlight: The investment theme of “Recovery Story after The Big Reset” reviews the...

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24 November 2020

INVESTMENT OUTLOOK 2021 - Recovery Story after The Big Reset

Covid-19 Pandemics, recession, US elections and other issues are causing a Big Reset and the implications to Indonesia which are: 1) Favorable...

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16 November 2020

Plantation Sector Update 16 November 2020

PLANTATION SECTOR UPDATE   Hitting Bulls Eye!   CPO Price reach the Highest in 8 Years!  CPO price has reached RM3.380/ ton...

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06 November 2020

Construction Sector Update 06 November 2020

CONSTRUCTION SECTOR UPDATE   Has The Giant Return?   New Contract Realization Remains Poor, In line with Our Estimates   New...

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05 November 2020

Sectoral Scope Wave - Finance: Limited Bullish Potential

Jakarta Finance Sector Technical Analysis   Limited Bullish Potential Top Picks: BBCA, BMRI, BBRI, BBNI, BRIS Disclaimer...

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