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27 April 2021

Coal Mining Sector Update - 27 April 2021

So Far, So Good!   Looking Forward to Improvement in FY21E  Coal companies' performance within MNCS coverage are slightly below...

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23 April 2021

Property Sector Updates - 23 April 2021

Is this a Good Sign of Recovery?   Marketing Sales Continue to Grow in 1Q21 BSDE, CTRA, and PWON managed to record strong marketing sales...

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15 April 2021

Telecommunication Sector Updates - 15 April 2021

 MNO Consolidation to Win the Scale Deals   2,300 Mhz Auction: TLKM  potentially win the race  The Ministry of Communication...

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14 April 2021

Investment Outlook - Battle for Liquidity

Why Indonesian Equity Market is lagging? Top of Concerns from the Global perspectives: Increased 10 Year US T-Bill Yield as the main concern...

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31 Maret 2021

Metal Mining Sector Update - 31 March 2021

Battery Empire in the Making   The Official Announcement  The SOE Ministry has officially announce the establishment of a battery...

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31 Maret 2021

Sectoral Scope Wave - Construction: Short-Term Rebound

Technical Analysis for Jakarta Property  Top Picks: ADHI, PTPP, WIKA, WSKT Disclaimer...

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26 Maret 2021

Plantation Sector Update - 26 March 2021

PLANTATION SECTOR UPDATE   In the Pouring Rain   The Price Picks Up Again  CPO price starts surfacing again, standing at the...

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24 Maret 2021

Sectoral Scope Wave - Dividend Hunter

Technical Analysis for Selected Dividend Players  Top Picks: HMSP, UNTR, ASII, ADRO, INDF, INTP Disclaimer...

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23 Maret 2021

Automotive Sector Update - 23 March 2021

Going on a Highway   ASII FY20 Financial Performance : Additional benefit from dividends  ASII posted revenue of IDR175 trillion in...

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18 Maret 2021

Construction Sector Update - 18 March 2021

CONSTRUCTION SECTOR UPDATE   Like “Bread and Butter”   Relaxation on Income Tax has the Potential to Improve Earnings...

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