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18 Januari 2021

MNCS Investment Strategy 18 January 2021

Recovery Story After the Big Reset Investment Highlight: The investment theme of “Recovery Story after The Big Reset” reviews the...

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24 November 2020

INVESTMENT OUTLOOK 2021 - Recovery Story after The Big Reset

Covid-19 Pandemics, recession, US elections and other issues are causing a Big Reset and the implications to Indonesia which are: 1) Favorable...

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16 November 2020

Plantation Sector Update 16 November 2020

PLANTATION SECTOR UPDATE   Hitting Bulls Eye!   CPO Price reach the Highest in 8 Years!  CPO price has reached RM3.380/ ton...

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06 November 2020

Construction Sector Update 06 November 2020

CONSTRUCTION SECTOR UPDATE   Has The Giant Return?   New Contract Realization Remains Poor, In line with Our Estimates   New...

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05 November 2020

Sectoral Scope Wave - Finance: Limited Bullish Potential

Jakarta Finance Sector Technical Analysis   Limited Bullish Potential Top Picks: BBCA, BMRI, BBRI, BBNI, BRIS Disclaimer...

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04 November 2020

Healthcare Sector - On the Ground Research Report 04 November 2020

Healthcare Sector - On the Ground Research Report   Hospital Players Continues to adapt of Battling the Covid-19 Crisis   Healthcare...

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02 November 2020

Tobacco Sector Update 02 November 2020

TOBACCO SECTOR UPDATES   Continue to Face Big Challenges Industry sales volume dropped by -9.42% YoY in 3Q20; HMSP’s sales...

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26 Oktober 2020

Coal Mining Sector Update 26 October 2020

COAL MINING SECTOR UPDATE   Paying the Price for the Future Value   Omnibus Law: Opportunity or the Opposite? Another turmoil was...

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23 Oktober 2020

Property Sector Update 23 October 2020

PROPERTY SECTOR UPDATE   A Ride on the Cloud   Marketing Sales started to grow in 3Q20 Property players recorded improvement in...

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21 Oktober 2020

Sectoral Scope Wave - Tobacco: Speculative Buy

Tobacco Sector Technical Analysis   Speculative Buy Top Picks: HMSP, GGRM, WIIM Disclaimer...

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