About MNC Sekuritas

MNC Sekuritas ("Company") is a securities company that was founded in 1989 and is under the auspices of PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk and has now developed into a local securities company that is committed to responding to answering Indonesian people’s needs.

MNC Sekuritas provides comprehensive securities services through its lines of business, namely Equity which acts as a securities broker for retail and institutional clients, Fixed Income which is actively involved in bond transactions, Investment Banking which provides securities underwriting and financial advisory services, and Research which provides updated information periodically to clients for optimal investment.

As time goes by, MNC Sekuritas has made some improvement to its online trading platform MotionTrade in 2016, and answered the need for sharia stock investment product through MotionTrade Syariah in 2017. Furthermore, the Company started to introduce first stock saving product with insurance benefit, MNC GEMESIN Plus in 2018.

In 2019, MNC Sekuritas launched the first digital stock waqf in Indonesia named MNC Wakafku. Committed to innovate continuously, in the same year, the Company also launched MNC StockRadars, a stock-screening application which provides information about stock movement and real-time screened stocks within radar.

Two years later, in August 2021, MNC Sekuritas re-launched its online trading application namely MotionTrade. This application has been equipped with a voice command feature to make it easier for clients to carry out various trading and investment activities, both stocks and mutual funds. Furthermore, MNC Sekuritas through the MotionTrade application has also succeeded in cooperating with more than 20 Asset Management companies with more than 100 mutual fund products as of April 2022.

With 151 points of sales nationwide and the sophisticated, user-friendly online trading MotionTrade, the number of the Company's clients has also grown significantly, reaching more than 164,000 clients as of April 2022. MNC Sekuritas expects to be closer with Indonesian people from various segments and classes with the new points of sales, either branches, Representative Offices, or Investment Galleries.

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Vision & Mission



To be the Best and Most Trustworthy Securities Company in Indonesia


  • Orientated in giving excellent service to its investor continually.
  • Act in professional manner
  • Be innovative and progressive

MNC Values



The ability to foresee the future and create business opportunity to become the market leader.


Totality to be the best.


Continuously learn to deliver things faster and smarter to become the foremost.


To strive and persevere until the goal is achieved



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