Alpino Kianjaya

Independent Commissioner


Alpino Kianjaya has served as the Company's Independent Commissioner based on Notarial Deed Number 69 dated August 30th, 2019 concerning Circular Decisions of Shareholders as a Substitute for the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of PT MNC Sekuritas.

He studied Accounting from Tarumanegara University in 1987. Prior to serving as Commissioner of the Company, he served as Director of Trading and Membership of Indonesian Stock Exchange (2015-2018) and President Director of PT MNC Sekuritas (2013-2015).

He started his professional career as Chief Accountant of PT Hamadia Raya Semesta (1987-1989), Chief Accountant of PT Indo Hinson Garment Factory (1989-1991), Director of Operations of PT DBS Securities Indonesia (1991-2002), and President Director of PT Indo Premier Securities (2002-2012). He has also served as the Hair Cut Committee of Indonesian Clearing and Guarantee Corporation (2011-2015), the Committee on Credit Policy and Risk Control of Indonesian Clearing and Guarantee Corporation (2010-2015), and the Disciplinary Committee for the Members of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (2009-2013).


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