Equity division into a service provider spearheading the Company's core business. The Company serves the purchase of shares in the primary market and carry out activities as a market maker in the secondary market shares for retail investors, institutional and high net worth. MNC Securities continue to improve services for the sake of maintaining relationships and trust that have been built up well so far with institutional clients. Therefore, the Company continues to expand its service network corporate investments in institutional markets, such as the Pension Fund Foundation, Fund Manager and Insurance. In the midst of sluggish trading activity, the Company actually keen to expand by increasing the number to 50 until the current distribution network in various regions in Indonesia. The addition was done both by opening its own distribution network, or in cooperation with various partners.

Products :
- Regular Trading
- Margin Trading

Advantages :
- Fee competitive transaction
- Sales and marketing experienced
- 50 Distribution Network (Branch Gallery & Investment) in all regions in Indonesia
- Provide education classes to beginners and customers to invest in stocks