Ronald Adrian Tirtabudi

Director of Investment Banking


Ronald Adrian Tirtabudi was appointed as Director of the Company since August 2021 based on the Deed no. 44 dated August 2, 2021.

He held Bachelor degree in Mathematics from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University in 1997. In addition, he also holds 2 capital market certifications, namely Underwriter Representative (WPEE) and Broker-Dealer Representative (WPPE).

His career experience began as Head of Custody of PT Harumdana Sekuritas (1994 - 1998), and Head of Operation Intra Asia Group (1999 - 2006). Subsequently, he served as Head of Risk Management at PT Anugerah Securindo Indah (2006 - 2009), Head of Operation at PT MNC Sekuritas (2009 - 2017) and Director of Operations at PT Artha Sekuritas Indonesia (2017 - 2020).



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