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07 Februari 2023

ERAA IJ - MNC Sekuritas Equity Report February 7, 2023

EraBlue : On-The-Ground Insight Key Takeaways :• We visited the EraBlue store located in Ciledug, Tangerang. PT Erablu Elektronik (store brand:...

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03 Februari 2023

BMRI IJ - MNC Sekuritas Equity Report February 3, 2023

HOLD with upgraded TP to IDR10,500/share Key Takeaways : • BMRI's quarterly earnings in 4Q22 slightly unchanged, yet FY22 result beating...

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02 Februari 2023

Sectoral Scope Wave: Consumer Cyclicals Scope Wave - February 2, 2023

Consumer Cyclicals Sector Technical Analysis Top Picks: ACES, ERAA, LPPF, MAPI,...

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31 Januari 2023

BBCA IJ - MNC Sekuritas Equity Report January 31, 2023

Upgrading to BUY on the possibility of margin expansion Key Takeaways : • BBCA's quarterly increase in net income (+8.0% QoQ) bringing...

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26 Januari 2023

BBNI IJ - MNC Sekuritas Equity Report January 26, 2023

The path to double digit growth Key Takeaways : • BBNI net profit jumped +68.0% YoY to IDR18.3tn in FY22 beating consensus estimate of...

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25 Januari 2023

MSIN IJ - MNC Sekuritas Equity Report January 25, 2023

Paving the Highway of Digital Footprint Key Takeaways• In 9M22, MSIN IJ booked a staggering rise in revenue of IDR2.91 tn (+121% YoY),...

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24 Januari 2023

Plantation Sectoral Update January 24, 2023

Low-Key View as Prices Moderate   Key Takeaways:• China & India CPO imports tumbled -24.4/-10.7% YoY in 11M22, respectively, which...

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06 Januari 2023

Metal Mining Sectoral Update January 6, 2023

Metal Commodities in Turmoil, Prospective over the Long Haul Key Takeaways:• Going into 2023, we foresee that metal prices are projected to fall...

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05 Januari 2023

Healthcare Sectoral Update January 05, 2023

Tackling Headwinds with New Policy Key Takeaways:•This year, the government aims to regulate the implementation of the new BPJS premium rate. We...

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02 Januari 2023

Property Sectoral Update January 02, 2023

Walking in Moderate Pace   Key Takeaways: • As the mortgage rate has gotten close to 8%, higher interest rates limit the companies'...

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