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14 Mei 2020

Banking Sector Update 14 May 2020

Striving in the Winding Road   Credit Growth Remains Sluggish in FY20E Loan growth continues to show a slowing trend until Dec-2019, reaching...

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13 Mei 2020

Banking Sector Update - Bottom Fishing

Kali ini, kami dari tim research institusi MNCS akan membahas pergerakan emiten-emiten perbankan yang kami perkirakan masih akan cenderung terkoreksi...

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11 Mei 2020

MNCS Investment Strategy 11 May 2020

How Low MAY You Go? - Part 1   Economic Downturn Could Set Stage for Rough First Half 2020 JCI posted a -27.02% YTD decline in May 08, 2020...

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08 Mei 2020

CPO Sector Update - Stay Alert

Pada report sektoral kali ini, kami dari tim research institusi MNCS akan membahas mengenai pergerakan harga Crude Palm Oil (CPO) ditengah pandemi...

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07 April 2020

MNCS Investment Strategy 07 April 2020

Roller-Coaster Ride: Sell on News!   Crazy Upswing as if everything’s Alright? DJIA, S&P and JCI Index have increase by...

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01 April 2020

Coal Mining Sector Update

Profit Taking!   Prices began Defying Gravity! PTBA and ITMG prices have gone up by 21.11%/18.68% to 2,180/8,100 per Mar 31st, 2020 since the...

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26 Maret 2020

MNCS Investment Strategy 26 Maret 2020

#JCIChallengeAccepted: Stay at Home And Buy an Ultra-deep Sale Stocks!   Indonesia Covid-19 Death Toll Rises to 58; 790 Cases as of Mar 25,...

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10 Februari 2020

MNCS Investment Strategy 07 Februari 2020

Appealing Valuation   Coronavirus Outbreak Has the Potential to Cause Severe Economic and Market Disruption The Novel Coronavirus [2019-nCoV]...

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22 Januari 2020

MNCS Investment Strategy 22 Januari 2020

Slow Start for January EffectJCI Performance as of January 2020: Weakening by 0.97% YTD in line with declining Capital InflowJCI Index slipped 0.97%...

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06 Desember 2019

MNCS Special Report Akhir Tahun 2019

Menjelang akhir tahun 2019, maka MNCS kali ini menerbitkan Special Report Windows Dressing, yang menggunakan analisa teknikal Elliott Wave untuk...

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